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Other Guild News

OS/10 - wowwebstats

Cossa, Apr 18, 09 12:03 AM.

Naxxramas - 10M (Cont. if necessary) Follow-Up

Cossa, Apr 12, 09 10:23 AM.
Saturday night we completed our third consecutive Naxx 10M clear. I think we found a schedule that works best for the entire group, but we will continue to tweak raid times until we can fully accommodate the majority. The raid was a lot of fun. 

We really picked up the DPS.

Click here for attendance and drops:

Check out all the detailed stats for the raid here!

Naxxramas - 10M Follow-Up

Cossa, Apr 11, 09 12:54 PM.

Friday night we completed our pre-raid clearing of two Naxx wings. Our goal was to clear Spider and Construct wings to have less to get done on Saturday night. We accomplished that and are ready for Plague, Military and the big guys on Saturday. 

For Friday night's loot haul and attendance, click through to the results here:

And, here are the webstats for the raid:

Archavon and Sartharion - 10M Follow-Up

Cossa, Apr 8, 09 12:07 AM.
We ran our weekly VoA and OS 10M as scheduled. If it weren't for some technical difficulties we would have attempted Sartharion with 1D, but thought against it. These raids were quick and smooth. 

We'll be doing them every week as scheduled. Guest and potential recruits are encouraged to contact any of our members in-game to get included on these raids. We're going to be hosting 25M runs as well and we would love to meet more people interested in doing so!

Web Stats:

Attendance and loot distribution:

Naxx - 10M (Continue from Saturday) Follow-Up

Cossa, Apr 6, 09 12:46 AM.
We finished our weekly 10M Naxx raid tonight, hauling in some more decent upgrades, including T7 helm for Lurikeen and have another person keyed for Malygos. 

This marks our second consecutive week with a full clear of Naxx/10M and we will continue to do this for the forseeable future. We hope to pick up the tempo enough to fit this into one night for future runs.

Tonight we had to finish up the Four Horsemen, which we did on the first attempt with no difficulty. Then we moved on to Sapphiron, who we also took down on the first try. Kel'Thuzad threw us some dumb luck and we had a few unfortunate situations before we managed to down him as well.

Here is the attendance and loot drops for tonight.

We're also going to start using the following tool to capture and report on raid statistics. I think this is super cool, so please check it out and discuss on the message boards.

Wintergrasp/VoA and OS (10M) - RESCHEDULED Follow-Up

Cossa, Apr 2, 09 1:28 AM.
We got our weekly Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon (10M) done tonight and got a couple of upgrades and emblems. Plus Ability finally got his cool bag, so he can stop whining about that now, which really benefits the entire guild.

Click through for attendance and loot...

Naxxramas 10M (FINALE) Follow-Up

Cossa, Mar 31, 09 1:02 AM.
Naxxramas (10M) - Cleared!

AGGRESSIVE Expansion has completed its first clear of Naxxramas 10M. We had only Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad remaining tonight and we managed to drop both of them. Sapphiron went down quick on the first try, and Kel'Thuzad took a couple attempts but eventually he dropped as well.

Click through for attendance and loot drops. 

Naxxramas 3/30

In other news, we added two more to our steadly growing roster. Mayfield, a long-time RL friend who plays a Priest, and Thrairen a Holy Paladin. We hope to get both of them in on the raiding action soon!

Welcome, Mayfield and Thrairen!

State of the Guild - Naxx Quarters Cleared, Ready for Sapphiron

Cossa, Mar 30, 09 11:05 AM.
AGGRESSIVE Expansion has now officially cleared all four wings of Naxx. While this might seem like a trivial accomplishment to some. Let's consider the facts.

  • We came together officially as a guild only about a month ago. Most of our raiding team have been with the guild for less than two weeks.
  • Our main tank (Ability) was spec'd and geared as DPS about a week ago.
  • Our main healer (Edia) started these Naxx runs with little to no epic gear. She is now sporting three pieces of T7 and is a well-geared, excellent healer.
  • Another one of our healers (Mayfield) was specced as DPS (Shadow) about three days ago.
  • Our DPS'ers (Malais, Lurikeen, Draekon, Sicklecell, Prodigus) have respec'd and geared up a lot in the past few weeks. Significantly boosting our group DPS.
  • Our off-tank Paladin (Askar) is nearly unstoppable. It's like he's the Juggernaut...bitch! He's solo tanked Naxx bosses for a good few minutes after a raid wipe.
  • Our first official guild attempt at Naxx was 3/21.
  • Eight days later, we have all four quarters cleared and taking a stab at Sapphiron.
  • Most of our raid team had little or no experience with a few of the boss fights.

I don't mean any of this information to sound demeaning. In fact, just the opposite is true. We've accomplished quite a bit in a very short amount of time. And that is a testament to the quality, teamwork, and proficiency of this guild we've all created. Above all else, we're having an awesome time as we go along here.

Now our main raid team knows the fights, inside and out. We're getting geared and meeting new people (some who we've added to the guild).

Welcome to AGGRESSIVE Expansion.  We're just getting started.

Naxxramas 10M (Continuation from Saturday) Follow-Up

Cossa, Mar 30, 09 10:49 AM.
Last night, we cleared the Military wing (which marks our first official guild "clearing" of all four Naxx quarters).

Fortunately we had most of the original group to continue with us. Ravirn did not make it, but we were lucky to score Vijay (well-geared Priest) to help us. He also knew the fights really well, so helped coach us through Gothik and the Four Horsemen. We had our normal "learning curve" wipes, but it was a blast and we finished everything.

We then took a couple stabs at Sapphiron, but ran out of time. We're going to regroup tonight (Monday @ 9:30PM ST).

[MAIN TANK] Ability
[OFF TANK ] Askar
[ADDL HEAL] Vijay (Guest) -> Replaced Ravirn
[ADDL HEAL] Mayfield (Guest)
[RANGE DPS] Prodigus
[RANGE DPS] Draekon
[MELEE DPS] Malais
[MELEE DPS] Sicklecell
[MELEE DPS] Lurikeen

Please check out the full details at the following link. Including the drops (Gratz Ability on T7 Chest!)

Naxx 3/29 (Continuation, Military and Sapphiron)

MORE Naxxramas 10M (Continuation from Thursday) Follow-Up

Cossa, Mar 29, 09 10:50 AM.

We had to rework some of the group, but got a relatively fast start on continuing through Naxxramas on Saturday night. We had already done the Spider and Construct quarters so we started with the Plague wing. Mayfield joined us and respecced his Shadow Priest as Holy to fill out our third healer spot. This ended up working out great, and we really appreciate him doing so. Ravirn showed up again (friend we met the other night) and was a huge help on both heals and raid leadership.  Malais joined us in place of our Shaman DPS from Thursday. Combined with Sicklecell's newly tweaked spec, our Death Knight duo pumped out some serious extra DPS.

So even though we lost a couple of people from the original Thursday night run, we managed to put an awesome group together very quickly. 

[MAIN TANK] Ability
[OFF TANK ] Askar
[ADDL HEAL] Ravirn (Guest)
[ADDL HEAL] Mayfield (Respecced from Shadow about 5 mins before) =)
[RANGE DPS] Prodigus
[RANGE DPS] Draekon
[MELEE DPS] Sicklecell
[MELEE DPS] Lurikeen
[MELEE DSP] Malais

Fortunately, thanks to some great coaching by Ravirn, we managed to pull of the Heigan dance on the second try. The first time we lagged a bit and wiped. The rest of the Plague quarter dropped fast and we hauled in some more great loot and upgrades for the guild.

See the link below for the full recap of the raid including attendance and loot drops. 

Then we started plowing through the Military wing and took down Instructor Razuvious. However, we ran out of time right after that. So, we're going to try to finish the Military wing and beyond,  tonight at 9:30PM Server Time. An event will be posted for that on the calendar.

There are no upcoming events.
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